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What is the Best Electronic Cigarette?

best electronic cigarette

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 Many Smokers have never heard of electronic cigarettes, and even the ones that did, have most likely never seen what the best electronic cigarette has to offer.     

For many smokers, smoking is not just a habit, it is apart of their idenity. It is as common as the morning shower and cup of coffee enjoyed everyday.    

Before leaving the house, you check your pockets or purse and make sure you have enough cigarettes to get you through the day. You take a smoke break at work, after lunch, in the afternoon and when you leave the office.          

If you’re a smoker than you know and feel the toll it takes on your breathing, your ability to exercise and your wallet. When you stop smoking traditional cigarettes and start smoking electronic cigarettes, you will experience a transformation and instant improvement in your quality of living, social life and your bank account.          

Cigarette smoking is not only dangerous and expensive, it’s generally known around the world as a down right dirty habit. Most people have seen the commercials and advertisements of the black lung and sick hospital patients on television, the internet and in print.          

As youth, we are taught that cigarettes are bad for your health, will give you cancer and leave you to die a horrible death. Armed with this information, millions of people continue to smoke every minute of every day, but tens of thousands are also making the smart choice to stop smoking traditonal cigarettes and start enjoying the smooth, realistic and guilt-free experience that is the electronic cigarette.          

If you‘ve decided to make the life changing decision and delve into a smoke and tobacco free way of smoking by employing electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, you may notice there is a lot of information (and fluff) that is available to you on the internet.          

So what is a smoker to do? What is the best electronic cigarette and what company should you trust? After all, you are purchasing goods and services, so you should be concerned with to whom your hard earned money is going.          

At this point, you may have done your research and perhaps you may be on the fence about what company will give you the best e-cigarette for your money. Giving up traditional smoking and deciding to smoke E-Cigs is a personal decision, so don’t be blinded by hype and luring sales techniques. Your decision to smoke the best e-cigarette should be by treated just like any other purchase, make your decision based on the facts.          

Many e-cigarettes companies on the market will try to tempt you with cheap deals and flashy advertisements because their product is less than exceptional. As a consumer, your ultimate concern should be finding a company with the best e-cigarette, exceptional customer service and the ultimate bang for your buck.          

The Best Electronic Cigarette

With all the E-Cigarette companies on the market vying for you dollar, it is imperative that you become familiar with the differences in the multiple types of electronic cigarettes, how they work and what company outshines all others and offers the best electronic cigarette. Green Smoke offer a unique 2 part patented design that tastes phenomenal and utilizes unique technology in its construction and ease of use making it a popular favorite among users.          

For most smokers, the decision to switch to electronic cigarettes should be an easy one. No longer will you have to deal with yellowing teeth, lingering smells on your clothes and in your home and trouble breathing or exercising. Start living your life guilt free and with ease by smoking an electronic cigarette. Enjoy the opportunity to smoke nearly everywhere with e-cigarettes.           

A major concern for deciding e-smokers or disappointed e-cig smokers is whether or not they will receive the same delightful and satisfying experience they get when smoking traditional cigarettes. The answer is a definitive “yes!” if the right brand is chosen.          

High smoke vapor and the realistic feeling smokers crave should not be substituted with a cheap price tag that will only disappoint in the end. The unique 2-part design offered only by Green Smoke allows users to experience a deep and high smoke vapor that is both gratifying and realistic.          

Don’t waste your time or money fumbling around with messy nicotine drops that are harmful to your skin and multiple pieces that require you to disassemble and reassemble when refilling or replacing. Take pleasure in the cleanliness and ease of use that the 2 part design delivers. Simply unscrew the old nicotine cartridge and screw in the new one!          

Green Smoke has taken electronic cigarettes to a whole new level. Convenience, quality and safety are equally important components that should be taken into consideration before purchasing the best e-cigarette.          

The patented 2 part design of their electronic cigarette offer users a safe and tested alternative. Green Smoke’s e-cigarettes are independently tested for quality, which is a guarantee you may not find from others. They are also more hygienic, as each mouthpiece is replaced with every new cartridge thus eliminating the possibilities for dangerous bacteria to flourish. The atomizer is integrated into the cartridge as well, and is replaced with every renewal. The fresh taste and feeling you get with is renewed every time you replace your cartridge, thus preventing residue the opportunity to build up and create musty odors and poor performance.         

The Best E-Cigarette Offers an Authentic Smoking Experience

The look and feel of your E-Cig should be authentic, as you probably do not want onlookers wondering what you are doing with a bulky stick in your mouth, nor do you want to feel like you are smoking anything other than a cigarette. The look and feel or your electronic cigarette should mimic a real one, and it is possible to achieve this result. The LED tip of your e-cig should be bright, unfading and familiar in its color, while the cigarettes texture and size should feel just like a traditional cigarette.          

The idea is not to give up something you savor; the idea is to replace it with what many belive is a healthier, safer and certainly more affordable alternative. By purchasing electronic cigarettes, you are not only helping yourself physically, you are improving your life financially. Electronic cigarettes will save you thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. That is a measurable increase in monthly savings that can be used for bills, saved, put towards a vacation, college fund or investments.          

Finally, when considering the decision to purchase the best electronic cigarette, not only quality of product, but quality of service is of the utmost importance. Since you are making a life-long change, you should be building a life-long relationship with a reputable company that will be servicing you for years to come. Consider not only the product, but the customer care and service as well.          

The best e-cig should come with the best employees who are courteous, fast and considerate. Green Smoke offers a 30-day money back guarantee because they are confident and believe in the product they are manufacturing and selling. Their customer service team is knowledgably and friendly, and they even offer same day arrival within the United States!          

If you have experienced the negative effects of traditional cigarette smoking on not only your health but also your wallet and social life, relish in the notion of electronic cigarettes. If you’ve been rejected or had to deal with negative remarks from family, friends and even strangers, it can take a toll on your self-esteem.          

Discover your full potential and think of your life as starting anew. No longer will you be tied to a paper stick filled with negative consequences. Stop exposing the people you love to harmful second hand smoke. Become a better role model by changing your life. Live happier with electronic cigarettes.          

If you’re looking for the best e-cigarette, get the one from Green Smoke. For the best coupon code, check out the coupons & promos section. Or if you’d like to know more, click here for a more detailed review of the Green Smoke e-cigarette.          

Mary Kay Rivers