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Electronic Cigarettes: The New Lifestyle Product

A Life in Style with E-CigarettesSmoking gets a bad rap, and perhaps rightly so. We are taught as young children that smoking is bad for you because it causes cancer, produces second hand smoke, stains your teeth and makes your clothes smell.

While no one can argue that these things aren’t true, there are still millions of people on the planet who smoke both socially and on a daily basis. Why? Because it’s not only an addiction, it’s a habit, more importantly-a social habit.

If you’re a smoker than you know the tight restrictions and bans that are placed on cigarettes. Smoking was once a part of many people’s everyday lives. Pregnant women smoked and drank daily because no one told them not to. Smoking was permitted on airplanes, in movie theaters, the workplace and even in hospitals.

Today, smokers are confined to their homes, cars and designated areas outside if they feel like lighting up. With all these restrictions, imagine if we lived in a place or time where you could enjoy smoking anywhere? If you could sit at your desk at work or have a drink in a bar while smoking a cigarette without disturbing others, would you do it? Well, people already are.

The Electronic Cigarette is the new lifestyle product for tens of thousands of people around the world. The Electronic Cigarette or E-Cig was introduced to the world about 5 years ago, and in the past couple of years has gained a lot of momentum. The E-Cig is seen as a safer, cheaper and more convenient alternative to smoking.

It is a tobacco, tar and smoke free way of cigarette smoking. The E-Cig tastes, looks and feels like a real cigarette, and also gives users the nicotine fix they crave while producing a harmless and odorless vapor.

The E-Cig is such an important lifestyle product because it provides smokers a realistic experience. Its popularity among smokers can be directly attributed to its likeness of that of a traditional cigarette. Smokers tend to be brand loyal, and many smokers refuse to buy or smoke anything except their usual brand. The Electronic Cigarette has broken all the rules, because people that have been heavy smokers for 30 years have dropped traditional cigarettes in exchange for the E-Cig.

The Electronic Cigarette has become the new cigarette. With more and more data being given to us about the dangers of traditional smoking, many people want an alternative. They don’t want to quit smoking because they enjoy the experience, but they simply cannot afford the price or health risks.

While it may seem crazy to non-smokers and many say “just quit”, they don’t realize that smoking provides a means for social interaction and for many smokers it is a relaxing and enjoyable part of the day just like a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate is for others.

The realistic experience that the E-Cig provides satisfies both a mental and physical craving. The nicotine contained in an Electronic Cigarette cartridge is equal to that of a traditional cigarette at less than the half the cost. With our current economic downturn, our government is constantly looking for new ways to tax the people, and increasing the cigarette tax is usually at the top of the list.

The government has no problem taxing smokers, because they think smokers will still buy cigarettes regardless of the price. But lately, this has become less of a truth. Now, many smokers are turning to Electronic Cigarettes in the hopes of not only saving money, but their health as well.

Electronic Cigarettes are permitted in most public places, and smokers no longer have to feel like second class citizens because they want to partake in the choice to smoke. No longer do they need to feel embarrassed or think they are disturbing others while engaging in their choice.

The new lifestyle product that is the Electronic Cigarette allows smokers to rejoin the rest of the world without having to explain themselves to others or give up something they enjoy doing. Hopefully, the rest of the world will soon catch up and begin to accept smokers again like they did years ago.

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