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Choice of E-Cigarette Leads to Satisfaction for Vapers

Your choice of e-cigarette will lead to smoking satisfaction only if you choose the best electronic cigarette. Gone are the old three and four part e-cig styles and the constant need to clear clogs and add messy refill drops from tiny bottle of e-liquid. Though you can find the old cheap designs sold on some websites, today’s e-smoker compares two part cartridge models instead. Read the rest of this entry »

What Are “Electronic Cigarettes”?

Hmmm, what exactly are Electronic Cigarettes?If you are a smoker, then you know the truth about cigarettes first hand. They leave a lingering smell on your clothes, in your home, car and on your body. Not only are tar and tobacco extremely harmful to your body, it is harmful to others and so cigarette smoking has been banned virtually everywhere.

So what is a smoker to do? How can smokers live their lives the way they choose without facing heavy taxes, stares from strangers and the unhealthy effects?

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The Truth about Propylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes

The unfiltered truthIn the frantic effort of big tobacco and big pharma to discredit electronic cigarettes clarims have been made about propylene glycol that are not based in reality or in scientific research.

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E-Cigarette 2-Part vs. 3-Part Design

A 2-part designElectronic Cigarettes have been a life changing invention for the millions of its users. While many users thoroughly enjoy and depend on their Electronic Cigarette (also known as the E-Cig), their enjoyment and level of satisfaction can probably be directly attributed to the brand and model they have purchased.

Just like a new TV or computer, not all electronics are created equal and research is needed before you take the plunge and switch to Electronic Cigarettes.

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Green Smoke E-Cigarette Review

Visit Green Smoke...For convenience, vapor volume and design, Green Smoke may well be the best electronic cigarette available today. It is the only e-cig I personally recommend.

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How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Example of an advanced E-Cigarette

If you’re in the market to purchase your first Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, or are looking to switch brands or models, it’s important to know how Electronic Cigarettes work and what the technical differences are between brands.

The design behind Electronic Cigarettes (also known as E-Cigs) is intended to give smokers a realistic smoking experience comparable to traditional cigarette smoking. Depending on the brand, most E-Cigs are made from a 2, 3 or 4 part design.

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Green Smoke Continues to “Smoke” the Competition

The future is GreensmokeWhether you’re a seasoned Electronic Cigarette smoker, or new to the whole concept of Electronic Cigarettes (also known as E-Cigs), finding information before or after purchasing can be a confusing process. There are quite a few E-Cig companies promoting their brands on the internet and in mall kiosks, so it is important to go with a reputable, professional and affordable provider before handing over your hard earned cash.

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Save Money with Electronic Cigarettes

Save 50% and more with E-CigarettesYou may be surprised to learn you don’t need to buy cheap e-cigarettes to save money with electronic cigarettes. You can buy the best e-cigarette available and won’t come close to spending the money you’ve been throwing away smoking tobacco. The federal tax on a pack of cigarettes rose from .39 cents to $1.01 last year. Several states have also raised their tax on tobacco products to help their ailing state economies.

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E-Cigarettes and the FDA

Should E-Cigarettes be regulated by the FDA?

Federal Judge Disagrees – FDA Cannot Ban Electronic Cigarette Imports

The FDA first began issuing statements about potential safety problems that “might” be encountered by e-cigarette users in a manner that suggested the government agency was bowing to pressure exerted by big tobacco.

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The Freedom to Smoke Anywhere With E-Cigarettes

Freedom to smokersIf you’re a smoker, then you know how difficult it is to enjoy a cigarette in public or around non smokers. Most smokers are generally respectful of non smokers, as second hand smoke is dangerous and can be extremely harmful to others. So what is a smoker to do in a non-smoking world?

If you have yet to experience the life changing E-Cigarette, or have a partner or family member who is a smoker and want to help them change their lives, then perhaps the Electronic Cigarette is for you.

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Patients Managing COPD May Breathe Easier With Electronic Cigarettes

When chronic bronchitis and emphysema co-exist they create COPD or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Those with COPD suffer from shortness of breath due to a narrowing of the airways. Asthma sufferers often display the same symptoms but the narrowing of the airway due to asthma is sometimes reversible. COPD cannot be reversed and becomes progressively more debilitating over time.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Are Electronic Cigarettes really safe?Smokers and non smokers alike know that traditional cigarette smoking is dangerous and extremely harmful to one’s health. Traditional smoking not only causes lung cancer, but also other various types of cancers such as stomach, cervix, kidney and pancreatic.

Despite these facts, people have continued to smoke and the tobacco companies have struggled to keep up and offer better alternatives to smokers.

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How Companies Benefit From Electronic Cigarettes

Encouragement can lead a long wayAccording to some statistics, smokers tend to take double the amount of sick days as compared to non-smoking employees.

Government statistics show that smokers get sick more often, have difficulty sleeping and suffer more congestion illnesses and colds as compared to non-smokers.

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What If All Smokers Switched To Electronic Cigarettes?

Evolution, slow but unstoppable

What Would Happen If All Smokers Switched To Electronic Cigarettes? Chaos And Confusion or Improved Health And Lifestyle?

Ever wonder what would happen if all smokers switched to electronic cigarettes? It may sound like a frivolous question but the repercussions would be widespread. Tobacco farmers would need to raise a different crop and the large tobacco subsidies from government would disappear. That is often one of the first things we think of but over the years tobacco products have become entrenched in numerous sectors of our economy.

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The Electronic Cigarette Association

Electronic Cigarette Association The Electronic Cigarette Association was formed to speak for the electronic cigarette industry which is made up of e-cig producers, distributors and retailers. The ECA was launched in 2009 with headquarters in Washington, D.C. This trade association is funded by the industry and through donations with a focus on public relations, answering questions and providing accurate information about e-cigs.

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Electronic Cigarettes: The New Lifestyle Product

A Life in Style with E-CigarettesSmoking gets a bad rap, and perhaps rightly so. We are taught as young children that smoking is bad for you because it causes cancer, produces second hand smoke, stains your teeth and makes your clothes smell.

While no one can argue that these things aren’t true, there are still millions of people on the planet who smoke both socially and on a daily basis. Why? Because it’s not only an addiction, it’s a habit, more importantly-a social habit.

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High Tech Gadget Allows Smokers To Breathe Again

Caution: E-Cigarettes are refreshingEvery year, new gadgets are invented to simplify, modernize or increase the enjoyment in life. Usually, these gadgets are not life changing; they are simply small conveniences that add to our lives.

But, every once in a great while, a new high tech gadget comes along that is completely life changing.

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The History of Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes make historyThe Electronic Cigarette was first invented in and marketed in China by the Golden Dragon Group in 2004. The Electronic Cigarette was patented as Ruyan, meaning “almost like smoke”. The idea of “almost like smoke” combined with the ability to now smoke anywhere quickly helped the Golden Dragon Group catapult to success.

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Why Switching to Electronic Cigarettes is a Good Idea

Cigarettes are horrible for not only smokers but those around them. Cigarette smoke lingers on the body, in the hair, car, home and on clothes. Not only is its presence seen and smelled, its effects on the body are undeniable.

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Electronic Cigarettes Take the World by Storm

Every few years, there is one great invention that completely revolutionizes and changes people’s lives. Many years ago it was the microwave oven, followed by the cellular phone and huge flat screen televisions. While these inventions and advances in technology make our lives more interesting and easy, they don’t do much on the front of improving one’s health.

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Smokers reactions to Electronic Cigarettes

Lot's of positive interest..The positive reaction from smokers who use Electronic Cigarettes is astounding. While some smokers enjoy smoking both E-Cigarettes as well as traditional cigarettes, most users have cut out traditional cigarettes completely.

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Buy E-Cigarettes Online For Quality and Convenience

When you buy e-cigarettes online you have the best possible shopping experience. You can compare various brands, research customer complaints or praise and even see what the product will look like in your choice of color or graphic style. Read the rest of this entry »